Code First Entity Framework Core

Most of the people using Entity Framework are familiar with the approach of generating database through code.  This method is popularly known as "Code First" approach. "Code First" workflow begins with classes that describe the conceptual model.  Code first approach offers more control over the final appearance of the application code and the resulting database.  By the way we will talk about Code First Entity Framework Core using SQL Server in this blog post.  In…

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Microsoft announces public preview of Azure Bastion

Microsoft recently announced public preview of Azure Bastion, a managed PaaS service which provides RDP and SSH connectivity through a browser to access Azure VMs.  This eliminates the need of a public IP address assign to the VM.  It is deployed in the Virtual Network and provides RDP/SSH provision for all the VMs in the same Virtual Network. Source - Microsoft Docs What is neededAzure VMSubnet in the Virtual Network using the name value “AzureBastionSubnet”Microsoft Edge or Google…

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Restrict IP Address in ASP.NET Web API

There are several ways to restrict access to a Web server based on the requestor’s IP address.  We can do that from IIS or using inbound Firewall rules. But If you want to restrict access to one of the applications deployed in the server based on the IP Address then you have to achieve that programmatically.  In this post, we will see how to restrict IP addresses in ASP.NET Web API. Check this Post for…

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