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Versioning Web API

Change is an inevitable factor in the life cycle of an API.  More and more organizations today face a dynamic and changing environment.  The change is driven by factors within the enterprise like implement a new business model, expand to a new market. It can also be external such as disruptive technologies, new government regulations, changes happen in partner/consumer organization, etc. I will talk about versioning in general and versioning Web API using multiple versioning…

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Using Google Translation API with Dotnet Core

Recently I worked on a proof of concept with a requirement of language translation in a Web application. There are a lot of Language translation services available in the market but most of them failed with more than one parameters I checked for.  The parameters I used for this study are Quality, Performance, Pricing, Ease of integration, Languages supported.  As part of the exercise, I tried integrating some of the leading translation services with the…

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Restrict IP Address ASP.NET Core Web API

There are several ways to restrict access to a Web server based on the requestor’s IP address.  We can do that from IIS or using inbound Firewall rules. But If you want to restrict access to one of the applications deployed in the server based on the IP Address then you have to achieve that programmatically.  In this post, I will guide you on how to restrict IP address in ASP.NET Core Check this post…

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Swagger with ASP.NET Core Web API

Swagger in Web API - APIs allow enterprises to exchange data between systems.  These APIs are just like any application, with the small difference that they don’t have a user interface.  Instead, APIs focus on database operations, validations, executing business rules and other background operations while providing a standard and consistent interface to these activities. In the SOAP world, we use WSDL which is an XML document to describe the service.  WSDL specifies the location…

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Code First Entity Framework Core

Most of the people using Entity Framework are familiar with the approach of generating database through code.  This method is popularly known as "Code First" approach. "Code First" workflow begins with classes that describe the conceptual model.  Code first approach offers more control over the final appearance of the application code and the resulting database.  By the way we will talk about Code First Entity Framework Core using SQL Server in this blog post.  In…

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